Processing the Death of George Floyd

Prayer for the Nation

Pray for George Floyd, his family, his friends, and his community who mourn for the death of their son, brother, and friend. 

Pray for those touched by George Floyd’s ministry – those who have lost someone they called a brother, uncle, and even a father who loved, served, and mentored them. May they find community in their mourning and more brothers and sisters to continue to guide them on the right path. 

Pray for the Black community that continues to face racism and injustice not just in the instances of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Christian Cooper, but in the many acts of racism that go unseen every day – that they may find healing, peace, comfort, and ultimately justice in Christ. 

Pray for the protestors who feel so much justified and righteous anger right now – that this anger against injustice would not fade and they would remain passionate for the cause of justice and equality. However, we also pray that this anger would not consume them – that, as Pastor Daniel shared on Sunday, they might lay their anger before the Lord, who feels hates injustice more than any of us, and that they might commit themselves to the cause of bringing God’s Kingdom down to Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Pray for the indifferent and asleep among us – that we would be awakened and our eyes opened to the suffering and pain of our Black brothers and sisters. That our hearts would not turn to stone, but that our hearts would break as theirs break and that we may heal them as You heal us.

Pray for this Nation that God would have mercy on us and work in the midst of these troubles for His good. Pray that we may not waste what has happened these past few weeks but rather grow from it. Pray that our leaders would have the wisdom to reform the institutions that lead towards injustice and to guide this Nation towards healing and reconciliation. Pray that our police officers may have greater mercy and understanding towards the most vulnerable in our society. Pray that we, as citizens, might be given wisdom as we elect our leaders this coming November – that we would raise up someone who will govern according to Your will. 

Pray for the Church to serve as the witness of Christ to the world – that we may continue to point out and fight against the injustices in this world and provide a Kingdom-perspective on the current darkness and shine the light of the hope of Christ on its People. Pray that we would speak out not just when the victim is a Christian but that we would speak out for the dignity of all of those who bear His image. 

Pray for the Asian-American Church which has often turned away from or stayed silent toward the plight of our Black brothers and sisters. We have justified this inaction by buying into the myth of the model minority and lectured the Black community that if they had just worked harder, they would be better off – all the while ignoring that many of the benefits that we have received come from the hands of the African-Americans who came before us in chains and marched the streets before us. May we repent of this gospel of works and turn to the one true Gospel of grace. May we throw our inconveniences aside and fight for the dignity and honor that you have given to each of your precious children.

Pray for our brothers and sisters at Dongsan Korean Reformed Church. Pray for our youth and the children who are witnessing this violence and heartbreak – some for the first time in our lives. Pray for the parents of these children that they may be able to explain to them well what is going on and to guide them through all of the history and emotions playing out around and within them. Pray for our pastors, our elders, and our deacons that they may wisely seek and develop ways to participate in our local community and provide a positive and unifying impact in the Bronx-Westchester area. 

Pray for yourself. Pray that you would repent of any racism or discrimination that you may have held onto in your heart either explicitly or implicitly. Pray you would not be filled with indifference or fear but instead be filled with the boldness to care – to have compassion on the world and take action to change it for the better. Pray that God would lead, equip, and guide you on this mission. 

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